Watain performance banned last-minute by IMDA

From ‘Swedish metal band Watain’s concert cancelled due to security concerns’, 7 March 2019, article in CNA

A concert by Swedish black metal band Watain due to take place later on Thursday (Mar 7) evening has been cancelled by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), following “security concerns” recently raised by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

In a statement on Thursday afternoon, IMDA said it had earlier allowed the concert with a rating of Restricted 18 (R18). It was due to be held at EBX Live Space at Pereira Road.

“Given the band’s history, IMDA imposed further stringent requirements including the removal of songs which are religiously offensive, that the band cannot make references to religion or use religious symbols and that no ritualistic acts are performed on stage,” according to the statement.

However, on Thursday, MHA gave its assessment that the performance should not proceed, the statement added.

“MHA has expressed serious concerns about the concert, given the band’s history of denigrating religions and promoting violence, which has potential to cause enmity and disrupt Singapore’s social harmony,” said IMDA.

“Watain is known for its Satanist views and some of their previous controversial performances involved animal carcasses and throwing pig’s blood on its audience. The band also espouses anti-Christian views and advocates Satanism through their songs and endorses violence.

The Change.org petition was started by one Rachel Chan, who described the bands as “not (representing) the culture which we want in our youths”. It was addressed to Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu.

“Their subliminal messages in their songs include death and suicide,” she added.

Sweden, land of meatballs and Viking football fans, who brought us Stockholm syndrome and cuddly bands like ABBA and Ace of Base. Then there’s Watain. Evil personified. Music’s version of bubonic plaque.

Like most people, I’ve never heard of Watain until the government decided to ban them. Though I didn’t proceed to download their songs or watch their satanic videos on Youtube, curious impressionable minds are very likely to, thanks to Rachel Chan’s petition cum inadvertent promotion. If nobody complained about them, and even if their fans walked away from the arena drenched in evil crimson with black ooze streaming from their frantic godless eyes, our kids would be carrying on with their lives, eyes glazed over with digital confetti, forming little cults worshipping hero-gods like Korean boyband BTS. Yet, a bunch of screaming girls rushing for BTS merchandise would be a greater security concern than some Watain hardcore fans moping around with their tattoos and black hoods and bloody sickles and what not.

While this draconian PR disaster is meant to keep our fragile religious harmony intact, what it has done, other than unintentionally introducing the Merdeka generation to Satanism and throwing us back into the seventies when the Occult was a greater threat than a Bin Laden, is further ostracise black metal fans as a subculture of death-seeking deviants and empower the echelon of self-righteous saints to push their holy agenda onto everyone else. It has not just confirmed our government’s reputation as a bully-nanny, but a wishy-washy one who wastes everyone’s time by banishing performers last-minute, like elder druids suddenly realising there are lepers at the castle gate.

Calling a black metal band out as a ‘security threat’ is also setting yourself up for double-standards. Here’s a list of songs masked as pop music but are really Molotov cocktails  or paeans to Lucifer just simmering beneath.

Bang Bang – Ariana Grande (terrorism)

Bleeding love – Leona Lewis (occult sacrifice)

Grenade – Bruno Mars (terrorism)

Any rap song that has sound effects of a gun loading

Any Christian song that references ‘soldiers’ in ‘Jesus’ army’ and ‘blood’








Disney light-up buries meaning of Christmas

From ‘Disney Christmas light-up in Orchard Road disappointing, buries meaning of festival: National Council of Churches’, 23 Nov 2018, CNA

The National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) on Friday (Nov 23) called this year’s Christmas light-up along Orchard Road disappointing“, saying that its exclusive focus on Disney characters buries the original meaning of the festival.

In a letter addressed to the Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) chief executive officer Keith Tan, the NCCS said that it is “deeply concerned” about the “increasing secularisation and commercialisation of Christmas” in Singapore, and how the Disney light-up is an “extensive” brand exercise.

“Being an essentially religious festival, Christmas should not be viewed primarily as a money-making venture or an opportunity to market a particular commercial brand,” the NCCS wrote in the letter, which was signed off by NCCS general secretary Reverend Ngoei Foong Nghian.

Have our Holy Christian Elders of the Order of our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ been meditating in a cave for the past half a century? The ‘true meaning’ of Christmas has been diluted and bastardised into capitalist gimmickery ever since our very own Sharity the Elephant became a representative of Christmas.

Other cartoon characters have joined in the fray outside of Disney. Spongebob Christpants too.


Of course if you’re the religious type there’s nothing stopping you from having an austere get-together in a makeshift barn somewhere dressed in shepherd’s frocks and playing ‘Guess the page in the Bible’ with your loved ones. You have every right to stay well clear of Orchard Road and do your shopping on some JesusSaves.com online store, since Disney has a reputation of undermining the values of the Holy Spirit, like promoting interspecies unions (Beauty and the Beast).

Or Aladdin. (Only God can grant wishes not Genies)

Or Snow White(God is fairest of them all)

Or Pirates of the Caribbean (Thou shalt not steal)

Tommy Koh wants LGBT community to challenge section 377A

From ‘Tommy Koh’s Facebook comment fuels heated debate on section 377A’, 8 Sept 2018, article by Yasmine Yahya, ST

…In a Facebook comment on Thursday that has been shared widely, former ambassador Tommy Koh wrote: “I would encourage our gay community to bring a class action to challenge the constitutionality of Section 377A”. Section 377A is the law that criminalises consensual sex between adult men, but it is not actively enforced.

…When a Facebook user pointed out to Prof Koh a failed attempt in Singapore in 2014 to challenge the constitutionality of 377A, he simply replied: “Try again.”

Prof Koh also liked a Facebook post by Mr Janadas Devan, chief of government communications, who wrote yesterday: “Speaking personally, I support Tommy’s position. 377A is a bad law... Sooner or later, it will go. Pray sooner rather than later.”

Law Minister Shanmugam followed up on India’s ruling by passing to buck to ‘Society’ to make the call and decide which direction it wants Singapore to go. By default, everyone assumes that the ‘majority’ are conservatives and want 377A to remain since it’s not actively enforced. Yet, the ‘vocal minority’ thinks it should be repealed for the exact same reason. In any case, having an opinion on homosexuality is not like the race on your NRIC – you can’t generate numbers to prove mathematically that people are truly divided. I would think a significant number would be on the fence as well, or just don’t fucking care.

Is Singapore really a ‘conservative’ society? Or is that a myth we created for ourselves from Day One to keep AIDS at bay? Do teachers abstain from porn? Do our pastors masturbate? Does the Prime Minister laugh at dirty jokes? Do we go for confession every time a boob catches our eye?

Maybe the ‘majority’ just so happens to be a very vocal and POWERFUL minority, people like pastor Lawrence Khong who is probably arming his war bunker as we speak lest the gay apocalypse descends on his Kingdom. In all likelihood if we do decide, as a society, to abolish a shitty piece of legislation, there may be some celebrations or ‘gay parades’ but I doubt very much our friends will be having orgies in the streets, dry hump on the front steps of Khong’s church, or flocking to ROM (baby steps, baby steps).

All this is timely – not just because of India, our once colonial brethren, but because the Government has been actively promoting bold transformation and change. We want our people to stop using cash, to get on the digital bandwagon, yet when it comes to whether a group of males should be legally prosecuted for no reason other than their sexual inclinations, they fall desperately short of, for lack of a better word -courage – to make what’s apparently an unpopular decision. Well, you’ve made PLENTY of ‘unpopular decisions’ and we’re still here, paying our ridiculous taxes and bills and voting you fuckers in every single time during elections.

The Singaporean version of the ‘alt-right’ thinks a 377A ban will divide society. Hello, society is already divided anyway. People make a fuss over Crazy Rich Asians because it glamorises inequality. Commuters are divided over the use of PMDs and bicycles. We are all split over who makes the best bak Chor mee in Singapore. People fight over priority seats on the MRT because one is pregnant and one is elderly. But that’s the whole point isn’t it – that the true resilience of a country lies not in the might of its army, but the ability of its citizens to live harmoniously – REGARDLESS of all these differences, big or small.

377A is like that rule in a grammar/punctuation book that says you can’t start a sentence with ‘Because’. You won’t get negative marks if you do it but purists will call for your blood.

Kevin Kwan – author and NS defaulter

From ‘Crazy Rich Asians novelist Kevin Kwan wanted in Singapore for defaulting NS obligations’, 22 Aug 2018, article by Victor Low, Today

Singaporean novelist Kevin Kwan, whose book Crazy Rich Asians has been adapted into a Hollywood blockbuster, is wanted in Singapore for defaulting on his National Service obligations.

“Mr Kevin Kwan failed to register for National Service (NS) in 1990, despite notices and letters sent to his overseas address,” the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) said on Wednesday (Aug 22).

“He also stayed overseas without a valid exit permit. Mr Kwan is therefore wanted for defaulting on his NS obligations.”

Mindef added that in 1994, Mr Kwan’s application and subsequent appeal to renounce his Singapore citizenship without serving NS were rejected.

“Mr Kwan has committed offences under the Enlistment Act, and is liable to a fine of up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 years upon conviction,” said Mindef.

No wonder politicians in Singapore have been refraining from singing the praises of the Crazy Rich Asians movie. They don’t want to be caught endorsing a global sensation sprung from the mind of a dastardly FUGITIVE. Maybe it wasn’t extreme heat’s fault that caused the typo cock-up (SINCAPORE) at the red carpet premiere, but STB’s pathetic attempt to dissociate the country from the movie. In MINDEF’s mind, Kwan’s escape is a  crime as disgraceful and heinous as sexual harassment, and the Chief of Army be damned if any of his family members get caught watching the damn show.

It’s been 5 years since CRA came out, and despite the media hype then, nothing was done to bring the author cum NS defaulter back to serve his time. It needed a Hollywood sheen, worldwide attention and appearances on talk-shows before MINDEF suddenly remembered that they lost a famous Singaporean son who’s out there living his glamorous life with the audacity to *gasp* pursue his dreams. Kwan certainly made His Passion Possible (by ditching one’s citizenship). Rich People Problems? NS ain’t one of them if you got the money.

Which would only make the movie more of a must-see for foreigners since MINDEF has inadvertently cast Kwan as some kind of rogue defector exposing the decadence of the regime and probably sneaked in some Easter eggs and venomous commentary in the script. The censors could be scurrying to review its current rating as we speak.

So what’s the story MINDEF? If there’s a Wanted list of NS defaulters do we also have a team of elite special agents whose sole job is to locate these escapees and drag them back kicking and screaming? 10 years down the road, are we going to see an international football star cum defaulter in Ben Davis and have MINDEF remind Singaporeans again that he’s an NS offender? Is Kevin Kwan’s next hit going to be a tell-all memoir about how he crossed the oceans to flee the dystopia that is the Crazy Rich Little Red Dot?

Let’s hope CRA breaks the local box office more than all the Ah Boys to Men movies combined.

PR from India posting image of National flag ripped to shreds

From ‘Police probe Facebook graphic of flag being ripped apart, 18 Aug 2018, article by Ankita Varma, ST

The police are investigating a Facebook post showing a black T-shirt with a graphic of the Singapore flag being ripped apart by a pair of hands to reveal the Indian flag underneath.

The image, which is believed to have first surfaced on Aug 14, one day ahead of India’s Independence Day, was widely shared online when it was posted onto the Singapore Indians and Expats page on Facebook by Singapore permanent resident Avijit Das Patnaik. The page has over 11,000 members.

Mr Patnaik, who has been living in Singapore for a decade, posted it alongside a caption in Hindi that said, “Phir bhi dil hai…”, which roughly translates to “Still my heart is…” and alludes to a popular Hindi song that talks about always feeling love for the motherland, India.

But he told The Straits Times that he did not design the image. He had first seen it posted on various individual accounts on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Many netizens who saw the post deemed it offensive, with some complaining that the image is disrespectful to Singapore as it shows the Singapore flag being ripped to shreds.

The Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Act states that no person shall treat the flag with disrespect. The penalty is a maximum fine of $1,000. The image has since been taken down.

The police confirmed that a police report has been lodged and that they are looking into the matter. DBS Bank, which is Mr Patnaik’s employer, also commented in a Facebook post that it is looking into the matter. When contacted, Mr Patnaik apologised and said that he did not mean to cause offence.

“I did not design the image and had already seen it being circulated widely… which is why I assumed it was okay for me to post the image. ” he said.

“I love Singapore deeply and am always singing praises about this country, so my intention was never to cause so much grievance. I just felt that the image represented that deep inside, the heart also beats for our motherland,” he added.

The hounds of Xenophobia have pounced, just like how angry Singaporeans reacted to public celebration of Philipine Independence Day.  Tact certainly isn’t Patnaik’s strong suit, considering that we just celebrated National Day not too long ago. Not sure if he also used the flag as a tablecloth for the festivities like some Israeli diplomat. It doesn’t help that the same angry people know who the CEO of DBS is.

While we can’t fault our foreigners for having a soft spot for their country of birth, the shirt looked like it was designed by someone with a destructive streak and a pathological Clark Kent complex. The use of the emotive word ‘motherland’ in his defence would naturally have irate locals telling the offender to GTFO and suckle on his country’s teats instead.

Meanwhile, there are Singaporeans and soon to be ex-Singaporeans out there who love the country but can’t return from exile because they stirred shit with LKY’s government. They live their lives in their tiny foreign enclaves while in Singapore we endorse ethnically divisive online ones like a FB group for expats where enforcement of anti-SG sentiment let alone nationalistic subversion and extremism is almost non-existent.

Patnaik may soon change his opinion about our praiseworthy Singaporean hospitality. If you prick us we do not bleed, but we will strike down on thee with great vengeance and furious anger. His future as a naturalised Singaporean citizen looks bleak, unless the government is prepared for riots on the streets where it’s not only flags that are ripped to shreds.

Unless. I have a suggestion to placate the SG hate brigade. In the spirit of Indian Independence Day, do the right thing: Free chappatis for everyone.

Suffering of Ninko has no Buddhist substance

From ‘Buddhist group objects to risqué movie in film festival’, 18 Aug 2018, ST

The Singapore Buddhist Federation has voiced concern over the inclusion of a risque film rated R21 in an upcoming independent Buddhist film festival.

The film, which features nudity and sexual scenes, does not “ring true to Buddhist practices”, said the federation’s president, Venerable Seck Kwang Phing.

Venerable Seck said that from what he has seen of the film’s introduction, the movie is inappropriate for screening under the name of Buddhism as it does not introduce Buddhist practices.

The Japanese film Suffering Of Ninko depicts a young monk struggling to stay virtuous despite young men and women being attracted to him.

“Buddhism does not ask you to suppress or indulge in your desire,” said Venerable Seck, who noted that others in the federation were concerned about the film, too. “The film looks like it has got nothing to do with Buddhism. There is no Buddhist substance in it,” he added.

Maybe they should just screen the entire series of the classic Journey of the West, or 2 hours of monks chanting. If you wanted a feel-good moralistic tale about true Buddhism, read the scriptures, because you’re not going to have a very good movie if your monk protagonist doesn’t veer away from the path of righteousness, gets tempted by red meat, or sneaks off in the middle of the night to masturbate in the bushes. It may have the ‘Buddhist substance’ but nothing much plot-wise.

You would think Buddhists are an open minded bunch who would laugh off attempts to satirise the religion, but they do complain if Buddha or his disciples are depicted in a bad light. For example;

  1. Buddha fighting Jesus in a Street Fighter style game. Neither gets to turn the other cheek. But cast Jet Li or Chow Yun Fatt (Bulletproof Monk) as ass-kicking monks and all’s good.
  2. In 1972, the Board of Censors banned the Japanese film The Lefty Fencer (One-Armed Swordsman) because it depicted a Buddhist monk being ‘more interested in women than in Buddha’. Poor Buddha.
  3. 1984: The Singapore Buddhist Federation petitioned the PM Office to censor parts of the Shaolin Temple  where devotees ate dog meat and drank wine. I wonder what the Federation thinks of the Wu Tang Clan.


Mystery prize vending machines banned

From ‘A bit too much to clamp down on vending machines with random prizes when they provide innocent fun’, 18 Aug 2018, Opinion, Today

(Tan Kee Lin): The police announced this week that they have banned the use of vending machines that dispense random mystery prizes and will fine businesses operating them (“‘Mystery prize’ vending machines pulled out from malls for operating illegal lottery“; Aug 16).

Personally, I find it to be quite cute, the idea of using S$10 to get a gift which might turn out to be more expensive or cheaper than that value. This is merely a game, and to say that it is lottery seems to be stretching the imagination too far.

Singapore is already a boring place. Why can’t we have some innocent fun in our lives?

If we are worried that young children will over-indulge in it, then it is up to the parents to educate them. We cannot have the state intervene every time it is the responsibility of parents and citizens to do so.

If we are to move into the knowledge economy, this is the lack of critical thinking among citizens that is worrying.

Having some fun at games also breaks the monotony and bolsters creativity. It is difficult that on the one hand, we want to instil creativity in our citizens and on the other hand, we do not build up the culture for it.

I would ask the authorities to loosen up.

The difference between playing the lottery and throwing your hard earned money into a machine that generates random prizes is that you still get something from the machine, whatever its value. There are other ‘fun’ contraptions (e.g arcade claw machines) out there which entice you with goodies but you go away empty-handed besides the thrill and disappointment of realising you make a terrible crane operator. Maybe if the machine made you ‘work’ a little, the Police would let it go. Because getting something from nothing is apparently morally reprehensible.

It’s hard to imagine anyone becoming addicted to a mystery vending machine unlike how one gets hooked on gambling. In fact, one is more likely to fall prey to other ‘gacha-ish’ arcade games like Animal Kaiser or Fish Hunter, which have been dubbed slot machines for kids. Or why not also clamp down on those pop-up carnivals with entire booths posing as public lotteries where people pay to throw hoops and either get nothing in return or giant Pikachus.

The spirit of ‘Tikam-tikam’ has existed since our forefathers traded marbles and spiders with each other. Games of chance may have brought out the worst in some individuals, but as with other temptations in life they also inculcate in us the concept of risk-aversion and how to curb instant gratification while having fun at the same time. Even without these machines, Singaporeans will still find a way to sate their betting appetite, whether through an app or over Chinese New Year when everyone turns a blind eye to homes converted into full blown gambling dens.